Outlaw Energy Education? Really?

This is surreal.  Representative Sandy Adams (R-FL) actually introduced an amendment (to an already crazy bill) that would prohibit federal websites from teaching children about energy efficiency. The good news is that even some Tea Partiers joined in to vote against active promoting energy ignorance, but it was actually brought to the floor of the United States House of Representatives, and managed to muster 181 votes (233 against).

Rep. Adams’ prepared remarks are posted on her own official .gov website. Click here to read it. The “wasteful spending” she was attacking is the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s “Energy Kids” website, which is also worth a look. (Flash driven site, so beware pods, pads, and mobile devices.)

Thanks to Brad Johnson at ThinkProgress Green for ruining my breakfast with his post about this.

More on this issue when I am less dazed at its stunning confirmation of one of Say What’s central themes: There really is an anti-science, anti-education, and even anti-rationality movement growing rapidly in the Halls of Congress. But have a look at Rep. Adams proudly promoting her amendment.  How will this play in her district in Florida? Complicated question, given Florida’s state-level history on education policy.




About Scott Brophy
Scott Brophy is a philosophy professor whose work is focused on the intersection of philosophy and public policy, especially on environmental issues, law, and education. He has also taught philosophy of science, logic, and the history of philosophy. He has served as a consultant for educational programs and schools throughout the U.S. and abroad, and as an adviser to several philanthropic foundations.

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