Inhofe: Fracking Has NEVER Contaminated Ground Water. Ever. Not Once.


Click here to see how wrong he is about hydraulic fracturing.

Special Interests? Oil and Gas $ to Jim Inhofe



Rep. “Smokey Joe” Barton Brags About Baffling Nobel Laureate Chu With Simple Question About Where Oil Comes From

Representative Joe Barton’s office announced  that they had stumped the Nobel Prize winning Energy Secretary Steven Chu with a simple query about the science of energy: “How did all that oil and gas get to Alaska and under the Arctic Ocean?”
“I seemed [sic] to have baffled the Energy Sec with basic question – Where does oil come from?” he hurriedly typed out on his TwitterBerry last night (or maybe it was one of his staff?). Barton was referring to his role as the highest-ranking Republican on the US House Committee on Energy and Commerce and the fact that he put the final question to Steven Chu, the new US secretary of energy, during his appearance before the committee yesterday.

“Smokey” Joe Barton – who some bloggers have been keen to point out has been the recipient of $1,330,160 in “oil money” during his career – is evidently very pleased with himself as he believes that his killer question “baffled” the Nobel Prize-winning physicist and former professor of physics and molecular and cellular biology at Berkeley. Judge for yourself by watching the video below:


Special Interests? Oil and Gas $ to Joe Barton



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